Sunday, December 1, 2013

S T A C General Introduction

S T A C (Sweet T Animal Care) Basics: About [Continued ...]

Although the journey of my connection with animals (sea, land and air) truly began from as far back as I can recall, one day while I sharing time with a dear friend, the journey of working with animals took root.  She thought I was extraordinary with animals and that meeting a lady who had a pet care business (dog walking, etc.), would be a harmonious match for all. My dear friend was spot-on! I began working with the amazing animals and humans immediately after this lady and I connected.   Simultaneously, I met a few other amazing women working with animals (horses, etc.) and began work with them as well.

The experience has been and continues to be incredibly enriching. I receive the joy of a variety of adventures and am always surrounded with an abundance of love and delight. Working with animals has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding in so many ways.

I have a wealth of favorite moments from my time with animals. I love my furry pal who stops at the water fountain when we walk at the beach, looking up at me, waiting for me to push the button. Another oversees me hunting through bushes and ivy, looking for a stash of tennis balls to play fetch (somehow I'm the one who has to fetch...not sure how that happened!).  I love the looks of supreme elation on animals' faces when they are receiving massages and bum scratches, and the kisses they give to show their immense appreciation!

Every animal encounter I have is both fascinating and amusing. I am honored every day to be part of the animal kingdom, connecting with both animals and humans, and having a grand time doing it.

Sweet T Animal Care (STAC)

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S T A C (Sweet T Animal Care) Basics: About

I have had the fortune to work with amazing horses at a ranch in Topanga Canyon, as well as with wonderful dogs and cats at an animal guardian business in Mar Vista, and at a boutique dog walking service in Santa Monica.  While I continue working with these vibrant establishments as much as possible, it is with their blessing, encouragement and support that I continue expanding and offering my animal care services independently as well.  These animal lovers will happily provide references as needed.  I look forward to giving back to the animal kingdom that has always been so gracious to me.

Sweet T Animal Care (STAC) Services Include:

Dog Walking / Visits
House Sits 
General Animal Care Visits 

ALL ANIMALS WELCOME ... and will Refer to and Assist with the MOST HONORABLE Services, if that is "The" BEST FOR ALL.

Servicing: Marina del Rey [90292], Playa Vista [90094], Playa del Rey [90293]

Please contact for more information, to make reservations, etc.

Well wishes,
Sweet T Animal Care

all viable messages will be responded to as promptly as possible

Thank you kindly for your consideration and STAC welcomes hearing from you soon.

PSI (Pet Sitters International)  | Insured

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

S T A C Pricing (General Guidelines)

S T A C (Sweet T Animal Care)

General Pricing Guidelines

All rates, additional charges, and/or discounts will be adjusted and/or applied at STAC's discretion.

Dog Walks / Visits (Same for General Pet Care Visits):
30 mins / 1 dog - $25
45 mins / 1 dog - $42
60 mins / 1 dog - $66
$10 per walk/visit additional for each dog after one.

Overnight Sits:
Check in about 6/7 pm and Check out by 8/9 am.
1 dog $98 | Each Additional Dog is $18 per sit

Any day visits are charged as walk / general pet care visit rates (above).
Other charges may apply based on special needs and added animals in household.

All Other Animals: Inquire within and about ...

Please contact with any questions, concerns and/or requests for service.

Servicing Marina del Rey [90292], Playa Vista [90094], Playa del Rey [90293]

NO Solicitations, ONLY Valid Inquiries, Questions, and Requests.

Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to connecting with you.

Please Take Note:
In consideration of heavy human traffic,
Elephant walks will only be available on Sunday ...