Wednesday, February 19, 2014

S T A C Basics - An Overview on How Things Work

STAC (Sweet T Animal Care) Basics

An Overview on How Things Work

Make a Request for Service

Schedule a Meet and Greet (Animals and Humans)

Confirm and Finalize Service Request

Communications and Transparency
Questions, concerns, comments and constant open and honest communication is key during all facets with your animal (s) careEssentially, WE (you, me, animals) are developing a high level of rapport with each other to ensure all are happy, healthy, supported, protected and beyond.

Emergency Contact Information
To be provided before service begins and humans will be notified immediately in the event of any emergencies.

A 72 hour notice [possibly more as necessary] is requested for any cancellation of service.  It is completely understandable that things can happen and there may be an honorable need to cancel less than 72 hours.  Fees may be charged when cancelling and these will be communicated upon the time of scheduling and confirming services.

Please contact for information and service requests.  Thank you for your consideration.

Servicing Marina del Rey [90292], Playa Vista [90094], Playa del Rey [90293]


STAC is more than a GUARDIAN in your clan that offers BEYOND a stellar mixture of activity, play, exploration, wellness and loving attention to a plethora of ANIMALS.

310-913-OANI and/or byoutasha at gmail dot com
Communications will be responded to as promptly as possible. NO SOLICITATIONS, ONLY VALID COMMUNICATIONS FOR ANIMAL SERVICES.